Remote / On-Site Services

We are remote / on-site / delivery primarily.  Drop offs can be arranged via email.

Pickup / Delivery Available

We offer pickup and delivery (schedule permitting) to N Portland and surrounding areas, add $30 each way, includes 15 minute Q&A about your machine.

On-Site Service
$125 first hour, $100 each additional 

Need someone to fix all your issues at once?  General repairs, tune-ups, networking troubleshoot, if you've got problems, we're here to squash them!

*Min. 1 hour, rounded to nearest 15 minute increment

Hardware Repairs

This covers any internal hardware repair labor.  Motherboards, Power Supplies, DC Jacks, etc.   We'll fix it and back our work with a 90 day warranty on labor.

*Add $25 for LCD/Motherboard installs
*Price does not include parts.

Remote Service
$100 an hour


This works best for small issues that can be resolved quickly.  Some Virus/Malware/Spyware removal can be done remotely.

*Min. 1 hour, rounded to nearest 15 minute increment

Data Recovery
 $100 per hour 3 hour max cap

Lose those great pictures from Florida?  We can help!  We have a 3 hour max cap so you won't pay over $300 for your service.  We'll also give you pointers on how to avoid disaster in the future.  If your drive is too far gone and needs clean room data recovery, we're partnered with Gillware who is a lower cost than most data recovery company.  If neither of use can retrieve your data, there is no charge, only tears.


Is your Mac or PC not quite what it used to be?  Let us give it a tune up for increased speed and functionability. Includes complimentary hardware diagnostic.


Data Transfers

Getting your old data to your new machine.  Data transfers can be transfered onto another computer, external hard drive, DVD-R or flash stick. We also offer data recovery for accidentally deleted file / off failing hard drives.

*Contact us for a quote on failing drives

Virus Removals

Computer being bogged down by false FBI warnings and 'Hot Local Singles' ads?   Then you probably have a virus or some type of malware!  We'll make that a thing of the past and you can rest assured that it won't be coming back.  We can also set you up with some free anti-virus / anti-malware programs.

OS Reinstalls

Whether you're looking to upgrade your operating system, recover from a nasty virus, or just want to start fresh, we've got you covered!
* A full virus scan is included in this price to avoid file re-infection on the freshly installed OS (if applicible).

*Add $20 for reinstallation of previous applications.

Overheating Protection

Are your fans begining to sound like jet engines?  You need our Overheating Protection!  We open and thoroughly dust out your machine, clean and apply new thermal paste to the GPU and CPU, and oil your fans to allow for the best heat distrbution to protect your machine!
*Only $35/$45 desktop/laptop when added on from another service